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Storytelling can heal you. And podcasts.

Everyone has skeletons in their closets. Or things that remained unclear for a long time. What happens when you start clearing them by telling the stories, giving that call, saying that sorry?

Telling the story can actually heal you.

Here’s a show and a NY Times article that explores just that. The podcast is called Heavyweight and the producer, Jonathan Goldstein, makes some good points in the article, just like this one below:

Often the solution to a problem — past or present — is simply to say what you’re feeling. It’s something I’ve been trying to do more frequently. But saying what you’re feeling is often slippery and terrifying; mostly I’ve gotten into the habit of saying what I felt at one time, a while ago, and explaining what I want to clear up now, years later. 

from ~How to revisit the ghosts of your past

Even more, science now shows that memories are reshaped every time we remember them. Why not change that particular narrative and find peace? Sometimes it means revisiting the past, other times it just means being more truthful to yourself and the ones around you.

After all, it seems so silly or obvious that you have to say what you’re really feeling, make your intentions and expectations clear to another person, try to understand your life context etc. And yet we don’t do that so often. On the contrary.

Still, the cliche has a point – there’s always time to clear the air. You can find the right moment.

Whether in person or just on paper, the point is to say it somehow. And, then, let it go 🙂

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