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Musings #4 The (un)familiar in Albania

As my killer headache doesn’t give space to think about much, just to wallow and drift from place to place, let’s enjoy a trip to Albania together – in a text that I have written for BRIDGE Magazine.

The essence? Looking beyond what makes us different so as to understand all our commonalities. Our shared cultural experiences. Our Balkanic past. Our shared “human” ways:

What better way to understand a new culture than to observe it and capture it, with all its nuances and flavours? Looking at his and his heirs’ images depicting tribal leaders, traditional garments, but also the town life, while using my smartphone to recapture what was once lived, made me think about this sense of belonging once again. It is the digital and the visual that make me and my generation belong to the global, yet I could see the familiar and the unknown in the shapes of the clothing and the lines of the portraits, reminding me of old history lessons and the late medieval times of the 3 Romanian territories. Both familiar and unknown, all the same.

my take on Marubi, a great Albanian photographer, in the text

The rest you can discover here.

I just ask you to ask yourselves, whenever you go somewhere, especially somewhere new – What is this place to me? How does it speak to my humanity beyond borders, prejudices, stereotypes and so on?

Albania seaside, Albanian mountains
through the eye of Valentin

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