The English Ones

Musings #5 What does it mean to “be yourself”?

As the Eclipse still draws the minds of many, so too my mind wanders to 7-8 years ago (I guess), when I first listened to the talk below.

It is an honest account on a personal story, a quest to discovering your gift, a way of looking at the world and more.

And it makes you question, or made me question, what it means to be yourself.

So here’s a creative exercise for all of you this morning:

  1. Listen to the talk.
  2. Think about how you define yourself (values, words, experiences, roles).
  3. Think about your gift. Do you know it? Can you see it?
  4. Write it all down. Or draw it. Or make a mood/vision board. Just give it a shape 🙂

And play. Don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s all there is to it 🙂

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