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Musings #11 The insidious insights of HBO’s “Years and Years”

Wow. Just wow. We’ve binged Years and Years in 2 days (the weekend, ofc) and it hasn’t left me since. Besides the Black mirror meets Handmaid’s tale and a few others (I believe there’s even a Paprika reference at the end), it’s the subtle daily changes that scare me the most. How we navigate our individual and family dramas, while the backdrop goes haywire, one day at a time.

The premise is simple: meet the Lyons family, living in Manchester, fighting, loving, losing and so on. Then fast-forward their lives years and years, and things turn almost apocalyptic:

HBO strikes again and this show has it all: Brexit and refugees, extremists and populists taking over politics, covert concentration camps, fake news, censorship and diminishing human rights for the sake of “security” and so on. It’s a cynical commentary on the status quo right now, and the near future scenario is quite bleak.

For me, it was the narratives of Danny, Edith and Bethany that made me question, once more, the double standards we operate with when it comes to being human, being a couple, and being mortal. Combine that with transhumanism, a nuclear crisis, and an attempted genocide – it’s one striking script.

If you’re into scifi + a bit dystopic TV series, you must watch this one!

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